Reiki Distance Training & Attunements

Now learning to be a Reiki practitioner is easier and more affordable than ever through my Reiki Distance Training Pay by Donation offerings.

For Reiki Levels I and II there is no extra fee for materials. You are free to donate whatever you feel you can afford for the training materials and attunements.

For Reiki III or Master/Teacher Level, there is a small fee for the Manual, that needs to be purchased by me to send out to you, in addition to your Donation. 

If for any reason you feel called to receive the Master/Teacher Level without already being attuned to ANY level of Reiki (it happens!) that is also by Donation and you will also need to buy the Master manual, in addition to the two I can email. 

Please have a Gmail account, or an email that can accept larger PDF attachments, if at all possible. 



All Donations can be sent through Paypal.

Use my email address: to SEND MONEY. You can also make donations in installments, when you would like to send more when able - all is welcome and appreciated and done in unconditional love and support of YOU.

Please use link provided below to go to Paypal. 

Reiki Blessings and Love to All Beings.

Thank you.